College mourns the loss of long-time trustee Tom Mendham ’63

The College has lost one of its great friends and most loyal alumni, Life Trustee Tom Mendham ’63.

In lieu of flowers, they would appreciate gifts to The Mendham Scholarship Fund at Muhlenberg.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the Mendham family.


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18 Responses to College mourns the loss of long-time trustee Tom Mendham ’63

  1. Mike Bruckner says:

    Tom is one of the giants of Muhlenberg College. He was one of our most devoted and philanthropic alums. He was a great friend and a wonderful human being. My prayers and thoughts are with Harriet and the family. A great loss for the Muhlenberg community. He will be missed.

  2. Michael Shelbert says:


    Sorry to hear this news. Our prayers go out to his wife, Harriet, and the family. He was a great guy. I think an ATO while at Muhlenberg; I was a PKT, down the hill, and we always had a friendly rivalry. We got to know him better when we lived in New Jersey in the 70′s and later in the 80′s and even,as I remember, when we lived in Pennsylvania . He was always an advocate for Muhlenberg and will surely be missed. Why do the good ones always leave too soon?

  3. Alison Heffer says:

    Tom exuded energy in his love for muhlenberg. I had the pleasure of seeing him several times during my fathers time as a trustee of the college . My thoughts are with the family and with the college community . What a huge loss

  4. Daniel Feldman says:

    Few can say, “do as I say, AND as I do.” Tom never said that because he never had to. As humble as they come, Tom was a leader, an inspiration, and a role model. His words were wise and his actions spoke volumes. Tom was the face of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and an icon of the college. His charisma and outlook on life made him THE Tom Mendham that brought a smile to everyone’s face as soon as he walked in the room. With the utmost love and respect, may he rest in peace.

    • Cat Goarcke says:

      If I turn out to be even half the man that Thomas Mendham was; I will be able to look back at my life with a feeling of pride and contentment. You will be greatly missed.

  5. James Monaco says:

    I never met anyone with more joi de vivre than Tom. He was a wellspring of the Life Force. He may by gone, but his ebullient spirit lives. I think of his laugh, and I feel stronger, more alive. Thank you, Tom. It was a pleasure to know you.

  6. Randy Helm says:

    Tom was a loyal friend, advocate, champion, and cheerleader for Muhlenberg. He usually teared up when he sang the alma mater; he never forgot the role Muhlenberg had played in his life, and he always gave the College his best. Even when desperately ill, I remember he would somehow rally his strength and get to board meetings. His presence was an inspiration to all the other trustees. He beat cancer so many times that I never thought it would win in the end. Tom’s departure for a better shore leaves a void in our community that can never be filled, except, perhaps, by the myriad memories of this great, joyous, and dedicated man. Pat and I send our sympathies to Harriet, Tom, Holly, and all the other members of Tom’s great family.

  7. Jim and Nancy Steffy says:

    Tom was a genuine “Mr. Muhlenberg” – a true-blue alumnus, supporter, and contributor to the people and place he loved. Tom and Harriet lent their talents to their alma mater through trying times and during the College’s exciting growth and “coming of age” period that extends to the present. His enthusiasm and healthy criticism were legion and will provide a lasting and valuable memory for all of us who knew him.

  8. Melanie R Mika Mason, '83 says:

    I am so very saddened to hear the news of Tom’s passing. Since I got to know Tom on the Muhlenberg Board, I have always thought of him as “Mr. Muhlenberg.” His loyalty to ‘Berg and all who touch it was inspiring – he made me even more proud to be a graduate just by his enthusiasm for all things Muhlenberg. I shall never forget his kindness toward me and other new members of the Board as he was a most welcoming presence, always. I shall never forget his smile, laugh and wise counsel. He will be missed. There will be no replacing him in any way. May God bless you always Tom for your light will always shine in our hearts!

  9. Michele Benfer says:

    Tom was a wonderful man. He had the ability to make you feel welcome and at home in his presence. My life is better for having known him. I will miss his warm smile and his wonderful laugh, but need only to visit the campus of Muhlenberg College to feel his continued presence. His contribution to ‘Berg and the spirit he brought to everything he did on campus will go on long after we are all gone. Sincere condolences to Harriet and the rest of his family.

  10. Walter P. Krauss, '64 says:

    Tom had a great passion for Muhleberg and was dedicated to the betterment of the college community. He was an inspiring leader and brought energy to all his undertakings. Thanks Tom for doing so much for our Alma Mater. My sincere condolences to Harriet and family.

  11. Roy Almqust, '62 says:

    I feel like I have lost a big piece of my Muhlenberg memories with the death of Tom Mendham. Tom and I shared life from my first day at Muhlenberg in September of 1958, living a few doors from each other in the now Benfer dorm. It is hard to remember anything at ‘Berg, including our years at ATO, without Tom being in the midst of the fun and craziness. We all love Muhlenberg, but Tom certainly out did us all in his commitment, hard work, and generous financial support to our great school. How blessed we have all been to have had this generous man in our lives … and to have had some quality time with him at our recent Class of ’62 reunion (we always felt he was Class of ’62). My deepest sympathy to Harriett and the family.

  12. Richard Romeo says:

    We are all very saddened to hear of the loss of our good friend, Tom Mendham. What a wonderful man. He fought the good fight for many years. Despite all the adversity he faced, he was always positive, always upbeat. He loved Muhlenberg dearly, and he never stopped working for the school. In the words of the late Coach Frank Marino, another great friend of Muhlenberg, “Muhlenberg Cardinal and Grey flowed through his veins.” He was a mentor to me when I first joined the Muhlenberg board. I will miss his advice and insight, and his great sense of humor. The Muhlenberg community has lost one of the great ones. RIP Tom. We know that you are in a better place. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Harriet and Tom’s family. Rich Romeo ‘79

  13. Tammy Bormann says:

    Hearts are breaking throughout the Muhlenberg family with the loss of Tom Mendham. Can any of us imagine a more devoted Mule? As a trustee, Tom spoke his mind and his heart at the same time, always, because the two were intrinsically, unapologetically linked. He brought wisdom, humor and honesty to the board table through the tough times and the easy times. He wasn’t afraid to fight hard for his convictions and love hard for the sake of the College that formed him. Tom’s beautiful, adored Harriet was always at his side to share her own particularly lovely brand of enthusiasm. There is a hole in the fabric that binds the Muhlenberg family and it falls to us, those who knew Tom and loved him, to stitch this hole with integrity, vision and commitment to the future of this College. Dearest Tom, rest at last in peace. We promise that we will continue to FEED THE MULE in honor of your leadership, your generosity and your memory.

  14. Rich Brueckner says:

    Muhlenberg has lost a truly special person in Tom Mendham. Tom was one of the most loyal and supportive alums and leaders – giving generously philanthropically and generously of his time and wisdom. Tom was an inspiration to us all. He was supremely courageous in spirit…. even as he battled his illness, he exuded positive energy wherever he went… especially on campus. It was a joy to have him engaged as a Trustee, as Chair of the Development committee and as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Few couples in the history of Muhlenberg have contributed to its success as much as Tom and Harriet. They were a fantastic team. Tom was the best of partners to me in some of the most challinging times for Muhlenberg. His compass was always pointed true North. And he never lost the “can do” spirit for which he will always be remembered. I will miss his energy and humor. Laurie and I send our sympathies to Harriet and Tom, Holly and the Mendham family.

  15. Rudy and Sandy Ehrenberg says:

    Tom Mendham was one of the first people Sandy I met when we arrived at Muhlenberg College in 1994. As outsiders he made us feel comfortable and welcome. Over time we learned of his enormous love for Muhlenberg and his passion to do whatever he possibly could to make Muhlenberg a better place. His contributions impacted nearly every facet of Muhlenberg’s emergence as a premier liberal arts college. His legacy is one that challenges us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with Harriet who worked hand in hand with Tom on every step of his journey.

  16. Daniel Wilson and Carol Shiner Wilson says:

    It was always a joy to run into Tom when he was on campus. We could count on a warm hug or a firm handshake–and certainly a hearty laugh. Everything about him exuded a gusto for life, a passion for Muhlenberg, and, most of all a deep love for his family, especially his lovely bride. Tom, you will be missed!

  17. Jim Skidmore says:

    It was an honor to call Tom Mendham my friend. He “volunteered” me for so many things that we laughed about, his penchant to keep me busy.

    We served on the Board of Trustees for a long time and were Fraternity Brothers at ATO. He was a tireless worker for Muhlenberg College and ATO as he sought to improve the Financial Foundation of both. When a severe problem arose with our Governance, Tom stood shoulder to shoulder with those of us who moved the college to a better place.

    Those of us who were fortunate to talk to him frequently, knew of his health difficulties, but we really didn’t fully understand the severity of this struggle. As we became more aware of this and the courage he displayed, all who knew him were inspired.

    Our affection for Tom could not be complete without noting the tremendous devotion and efforts of Harriet who “stood by her man” as a great example of what a life partnership can be.

    Tom may be in a better place now, but he will always be present in our lives – every Jag car will remind us of him. His upbeat personality will serve all who search for a model of loyalty and purpose for Muhlenberg.